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Love Birds; A giftbox with 10 reusable Steam Waverz, one bird dessins in several colour variations.

€ 10,90
Price per Giftbox Steam Waverz (10-pack)



With this bird waverz the sun is shining in your house! Create a teagarden feeling with this beautiful bird motive.
The Giftbox Love Birds is a beautiful box with 1 finely illustrated bird designs. Elevate your mood with these steam waverz above a nice cup of tea or coffee. The stories will litterary unfold before your eyes! Who do you give this gift?

  • Tea Love Birds: These colorful birds meet in the tree, surrounded by beautiful blossom.
Love Birds giftbox: 10 reusable Steam Waverz. A giftbox with a colorful bird illustration in various colors.
Design: Angeliek Caelen