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Love birds on cup of tea How to use
Steam Waverz invites you to enjoy your slow tea even more. Guests have plenty of time to choose their beloved tea. Steam wavers perform the best between 85°C and 50°C. Steam Waverz are used on a cup or bowl with a hot beverage. You simply place the waver over the rim of the cup that is filled with a hot liquid. Don't let the waver touch the drink and don't use them with foam drinks like cappuccino.

You can reuse your Steam Waverz again and again. Make sure you always use the same side up, and flatten the waver after use to make sure it's ready for the next time. You can easily flatten and store your Waver in the biofoil sleeve or book.

Children will love the Steam Waverz' stories too! Please don't let them use the waverz without adult supervision - as always with hot drinks!

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