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Steam Waverz shop of paper-design. Personal artwork on your teacup and greeting cards!


There are no products in your shopping cart yet.

Tea breathes artworks to life!

Steam Waverz make your hot drinks into a little celebration. Uplift your mind with this delicate surprise.
They help you to slow down and elevate your mood with every cup of tea. Simply put the wavers on the
rim of your steaming tea cup and watch the story unravel.
é perfect gift to share with friends....and a must-have accessory to present all your tea parties.
You enjoy the tea artworks multiple times because steam wavers are reusable!
Who are you surprising with this lifestyle gift? Pick your favorite and shop...
On this webshop you purchase directly from the designer!

Productfilm credits: Iwan Cvitko

Have a cup of positivitea

Living in the moment and paying attention to each other make our lives valuable.
Using Steam Waverz, you literally give a warm message to your friends.

All our designs are made to uplift the mood, to connect and create a positive mindset.
Celebrate special memories and create your own tea rituals.
...Enjoy a lot of colorful teamoments....

Giftbox (10-pak): 10,90  Twin (2-pak): 2,60

Awards / Media / Illustration


Designer greeting cards:
Celebrate your friendships. Spoil your friend with
a small artwork and your personal message.

Designercard (A5) with white envelope: € 2,99


Water gives your message lively. What a gift of mother nature :-)! Steam Waverz are made of thin, light and translucent material and are reusable.
Manufactured in The Netherlands, Europe. Printed with food packaging ink which is better for the environment and human.
Our packaging has a FSC label. Assembly: social workplace. Our greeting cards are printed in The Netherlands on 350 g/m2 paper with FSC label.

Shipping costs: Within European Union shippingcosts are 2,00 euro per order to one adress. Inside the Netherlands shippingcosts are 1,00 Euro per order to one adress.

The Steam Waverz webshop supports following pay methods: IDEAL, PayPal and CreditCard (3D-secured).
If you prefer a bank account transaction, please use following bank details;
Steam Waverz Bank Account Number:  IBAN: NL10RABO0168790351  BIC: RABONL2U       Please send us an email and mention product title, your name details and address.

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