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Steam Waverz shop of paper-design. Personal artwork on your teacup and greeting cards!


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Giftbox 10 reusable steam waverz. A combination of 4 dessins.

€ 10,90
Price per Giftbox 10 Steam Waverz; Four dessins.



Giftbox with a combination of four dessins.
Use your steam waverz to remind yourself daily what makes life worthwhile! A perfect gift to yourself or your friends!

  • Tea illustration 1: Cherry on cake. Pick the fruits of life and enjoy every day a cherry on your cake.
  • Tea illustration 2: Peacock. Let your friend know you are proud of her!
  • Tea illustration 3: Hugs: A lovely scene. The little one is hugging the adult bird
  • Tea illustration 4: Cake darling?: The gentleman offers the lady a piece of cake.
Elevate your mood with these steam waverz above a nice cup of tea or coffee. The stories will litterary unfold before your eyes! 
A steam waverz is a reusable paper product printed with food packaging ink. A patented product produced in Europe.