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Steam Waverz shop of paper-design. Personal artwork on your teacup and greeting cards!


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6x Twin: BIRD MIX

6x Twin waverz Bird Mix; A pack Twin Waverz holds two identical Steam Waverz

€ 15,60
Price per 6x Twin waverz



Create a teagarden feeling in your home with these bird dessins.
Each Twin waverz holds two similar Steam Waverz. Order per 6 twins to surprise more friends with these adorable steam waverz. You receive a mix of bird dessins in a variation of colors.

  • Bird illustration 1: These colorful birds meet in the tree, surrounded by beautiful blossom.
  • Bird iIlustration 2: Two parrots meet above your teacup. Lovely!
  • Bird illustration 3: Family Bird feeds their young ones in the nest. The young ones are doing their utmost best to receive their treat.
A steam waverz is a reusable paper product printed with food packaging ink. Patented product. Produced in Europe.
Design: Angeliek Caelen