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6x Twin LOVE & CAKE

6X Twin LOVE&CAKE; A pack Twin waverz holds two identical steam waverz

€ 16,50
Price per 6x Twin waverz



Organizing a high tea? With a High Tea invitation like this, everyone is in the mood for the party. Start your high tea with a waverz or share it as a thank you gift with your guests. Twin LOVE&CAKE is a set of three motifs to celebrate the extras of life.

  • Cherry on Cake: The gentleman offers cake and the bird puts the cherry on the cake while your tea is getting the right flavor. Sit back and enjoy. A nice thank you for sweet friends and bon vivants.
  • Love Birds: The birds meet in the treetop surrounded by blossom
  • Cake darling?: The gentleman is offering the lady a piece of cake. Is the lady seduced by the lord or the cake?
Twin Waverz: holds two identical reusable Waverz. You order the twins per 6 packages to surprise more friends with the waverz. This way you can invite several friends for your tea party. You receive the waverz in color variations.
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