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6x Twin: Design MIX

6x Twin: Design MIX; A pack Twin Waverz holds two identical steam waverz

€ 15,60
Price per 6x Twin waverz



Do you want many different designs? With this set you receive 6 different designs
Celebrate your friendships with these colorful tea accessories. A unique gift to receive, give and share!

  •      Peacock illustration: Let a friend know that you are proud of her and she means a lot to you. The peacock shows his feathers.
  •      Love Birds: This colorful bird couple meet each other in the tree, where they are surrounded by beautiful blossom.
  •      Cherry on Cake
  •      Dutch Kiss: A romantic Dutch gift
  •      Hugs: little one gives a hug.
  •      Bird Nest: A family scene
Twin Design Mix is a set with 6 designs. Order the twin waverz per 6 packages and surprise more friends with steam waverz. Elevate your mood with these steam waverz above a nice cup of tea or coffee.
A steam waverz is a reusable paper product printed with food packaging ink.
A patented product produced in Europe.