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6x Twin: BIKE and BIRD

6x Twin waverz: Bike and Bird. A pack Twin Waverz holds two identical Steam Waverz

€ 16,50
Price per 6x Twin waverz (Mix of 3 designs)


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Shop the set Twin BIKE and BIRD and you will receive a mix of 3 designs. You will receive each design in 2 colour variations. This way you can vary and adjust your gift to the recipient.
  • Bicycle: Place this Steam Waverz on a filled teacup and suddenly the ladies are cycling together through the colourful landscape. Thank your friend with this lifestyle gift for the beautiful time you have spent together. Create a nice moment to reminisce over a cup of tea.
  • Parrots: Parrots meet on your filled tea cup. They are chatting in a flowery setting.
  • Sparrows: On your teacup, the colourful birds meet in the tree, where they are surrounded by beautiful flowers. A nice gift for tea ladies, tea lovers, songbirds and lucky people.
You order the Twin Waverz per 6 packs so you can surprise 6 friends with steam waverz.
A steam waverz is a reusable paper product printed with food packaging ink. A paper product produced in The Netherlands Europe.
Packaging: FSC label and biofoil.
Design & illustration: Angeliek Caelen
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