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Steam Waverz shop of paper-design. Personal artwork on your teacup and greeting cards!


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6x Twin Dutch Kiss; A Twin waverz holds two identical steam waverz

€ 15,60
Price per 6x Twin waverz



Give your teamoment a Dutch romantic touch wth this lovely dessin.

  • Dutch Dutch illustration of the Delft blue kissing couple in a contemporary jacket. Bring this romantic couple together above your tea cup.
  • In the second illustration the couple meets in between Dutch tulips, wooden shoes and mills.
The Twin waverz holds two similar steam waverz. You can order per 6 packages. Surprise more friends with this Dutch Delfts Blue icon. You receive the Dutch Kiss dessins in a variation of colors.

A steam waverz is a reusable paper product printed with food packaging ink. A patented product produced in Europe.
Design: Angeliek Caelen